Friday, March 12, 2010

Song of the Day: Faith No More - Land of Sunshine

MTV probably helped make Faith No More into stars - their "Epic" video, was in fact, epic - but their music still holds up today, mainly because it's so unique and difficult to categorize. Are they metal? Rock? Alternative (whatever that means)? Rap-rock (ugh)?  Interestingly, lists Angel Dust as "Pop."

I confess that outside of The Real Thing (featuring "Epic") and Angel Dust, I'm pretty unfamiliar with their music. At some point I bought the albums before and after those records, but at they are no longer part of my collection, probably traded to the used CD bin at a local record store. I should probably revisit them, particularly given how much I like these two, but part of me doesn't want to somehow dilute my love of Faith No More.

Angel Dust is definitely the more eclectic of the two, and the opener, "Land of Sunshine," revels in that eclecticism - the high-in-the-mix bassline, the heavy metal guitar, the keyboards and of course Mike Patton's voice.  I can definitely see how some people might be turned off by his voice, because the guy is all over the place in how he sings (talking then screaming then operatic).  I wasn't surprised to read recently that he's started doing voices for movies and cartoons, and that sense of humor also shines through on this song.

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