Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Song of the Day: Midlake - Roscoe

In honor of them playing the El Rey tonight, today's song of the day is "Roscoe," off of Midlake's 2006 The Trials of Van Occupanther album.  I'm not sure how I came across Midlake, but I believe this song was available as a free (and hopefully legal) download on a lot of blogs at the time of the album's release. 
It usually takes a few listens for a song to ingratiate itself into my brain, but this one stuck with me from the getgo.  I particularly like the way the vocals are double-tracked, and the keyboard solo is surprisingly awesome.  If I were to compile a list, this would likely end up as one of my 10 favorite songs of the 2000s.
In fact, as I mentioned in my Yeasayer - 2080 post, I had the pleasure of being a guest DJ at Indie 103.1 a couple of years ago, and this song led off my hour on the air.  Within about 10 seconds of it playing, the phone in the booth rang.  TK, the DJ who was actually playing the songs from my playlist (and their best DJ not named Jonesy), picked up and chatted with the caller for a few seconds.  He then turned to me and said it was Danny Masterson, and he wanted to talk to me.
I knew he had a show on Indie, but evidently he loved the station as much as I did, because he happened to be listening at the time.  We chatted for a minute - he told me he was friends with the guys in the band, they were working on a new album, etc. - and that was it.  Really nice guy, and I thought it was cool of him to call in - the dude must really love Midlake.
Side note (as if this whole post isn't one big side note) - I love this album so much, I ordered a signed vinyl copy from Midlake's UK record label.  Unsigned copies tend to go for triple digits on eBay, but there's no way in hell I would part with this - it's one of my favorite albums of the 2000s.

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