Monday, September 20, 2010

Song of the Day: Red House Painters - Cruiser

I got to see two great shows this past weekend - Local Natives/The Love Language (which I called the show of the year) and Mark Kozelek, leader of Red House Painters.  The latter was at Largo, host to many of my favorite shows

Kozelek came out with a scowl on his face - he didn't say anything to the audience, and just sat down and started tuning his guitar.  After two songs, he asked, "do I look like I'm in a bad mood?  I'm not in a bad mood" and laughed about it.  He had some great between song banter, including lambasting someone for a cell phone interfering with the speakers.

I'm not the biggest fan of Red House Painters or his other outfit, Sun Kil Moon - these groups have amazing cult followings, and one of the records I have by SKM goes for about $150 on eBay.  But Kozelek's got a really mellow voice (as also heard for a few lines in Almost Famous), and his albums are great for late night listening.  This is my favorite song of his, and one he attempted at the show when someone requested it - he just couldn't remember the words.  But it was still great.

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