Thursday, June 30, 2011

Album of the Week: Cat Power - You Are Free

I'm on vacation until July 8th, so I'll tide you over with one of my favorite all-time albums. I was a fan of Cat Power beginning with Moon Pix, but You Are Free was an amazing step forward, despite being a more "traditional" album musically. Her voice never ceases to amaze me - half the songs on this album sound like they are whispered more than sung, and her background vocals are always inventive (see "Fool"). Despite my love for her voice, perhaps it's surprising that I don't care for her covers records that much - her original stuff is what really gets me, so it's too bad she only releases a new album every 3-4 years. But hopefully that means we're due for a new one soon. Until then, enjoy 2003's You Are Free.

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