Friday, June 10, 2011

Song of the Day: Mastodon - The Last Baron

Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy started a discussion today about Metal that was prompted by Klosterman and Guns 'N Roses. Personally I don't think of G 'N R as a Metal band - they basically play Rock that's not that much different than the Stones, except it's "harder"; thus, I think of them as a Hard Rock band (I should maybe also point out that I don't think of Tool as Metal either, though many would probably disagree).

At any rate, I didn't start this post to get into what comprises Metal (to each his own). Instead, I wanted to post a song from Mastodon's Crack the Skye, an album I was pretty obsessed with a couple years ago. One thing I don't like in my Metal is a lot of screaming, and while Mastodon occasionally lets one rip, I find the vocals to be melodic throughout. If you're into labels, the album could probably be called Metal or Prog, given the concept and musicianship. Here's the 13-minute closer from the album, which seems to encompass Rock, Metal, Prog, and even Polka (just kidding). Enjoy!

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