Monday, January 18, 2010

from a bygone era

My parents recently found some old records of mine in the attic, so when I was home for the holidays I was pretty excited to see them.  And when I got back to my turntable to listen to them...well, it was an experience.  Here are some of the highlights* from the selection of 45s:

Gloria - Laura Branigan
This song I actually still enjoy.  The keyboards are very 80s, but her singing is impassioned

Stranger's Touch b/w Heart Attack - Olivia Newton John
I have no idea which is the A-side here, but I listened to Heart Attack and...well, yikes.  Maybe Stranger's Touch is the gem here, or maybe my 7-9 year old self just liked this stuff.  Hard to say

Eye in the Sky - The Alan Parsons Project
I would have to think everyone my age loved this song growing up, but I find it hard to listen to now.  Extremely cheesy lyrics and a voice that makes me want to punch somebody.  Curious to listen to the b-side, but not optimistic

Somebody's Baby - Jackson Browne
Never been a fan, but this song holds up pretty well.  Plus it's from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (even says so on the cover), so that's worth something.  Interestingly, I saw Jackson Browne hanging outside the Largo after a show once.  I'm pretty sure my 7-9 year old self would have been excited

Maneater - Hall and Oates (or should I say Daryl Hall and John Oates)
I actually bought this a few years ago, though a cooler copy that has a sleeve.  This song was awesome then and is still awesome.  I've recently re-embraced a lot of 80s stuff that I thought was cheesy for a while, but now I really like (see also: Def Leppard)

Easy Lover - Philip Bailey with Phil Collins
Looking at this single, I had no idea what it was.  I remember having it and liking it, but I couldn't think of how the song went.  I was in for a pleasant surprise - I think this song holds up incredibly well.  These guys sound great together and the song even rocks quite a bit.  Holds up pretty well, and definitely the gem of this collection.

Still have a few to discuss, but I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet.  So another post hopefully to come.

* (mostly lowlights)


  1. This was too funny. You were much cooler than myself. The only 45s I recall asking for and getting are not glamorous:

    Rod Steward "Infatuation"
    Taco "Puttin' On The Ritz"
    Steve Perry "Oh Sherry"
    Nena "99 Luftballoons"

    I may have had a couple more, but those are the only ones I remember. Nena is the only one halfway cool now. I moved on to tapes and remember:

    Falco (the one with rock me amadeus, duh)
    Dire Straits - Brothers At Arms

    Then it was a string of ill-bought cassette singles. I know Love Shack was in there...ugh.

  2. I don't think these are all that cool. I still have another 7-10 I didn't comment on b/c I at least wanted to listen to the a-side. Let's just say I probably did not save the best for last

    And "Oh Sherry" was a fav of mine back then. Now...not so much