Thursday, October 28, 2010

Song of the Day: Rogue Wave - Falcon Settles Me

Rogue Wave's Out of the Shadow and Animal Collective's Sung Tongs are the two records that come to mind when I think of my first few months in LA.  I was listening to these records religiously, and they are both still my favorite records in either band's catalog.

While Animal Collective took some time getting into, I loved Rogue Wave instantly.  There's very much "a guy and his four-track" feel to the album (though admittedly with much better production, and probably more tracks), and sure enough, Zach Rogue played all or most of the instruments himself.  This intimacy is missing from their later albums, which were recorded with a full band.  While there are still enjoyable moments in each, none of them is as consistent as the debut.  My favorite song changes every time I hear the album, from the solemnity of "Perfect" to the bounciness of "Kicking the Heart Out."  But today I feel like sharing "Falcon Settles Me," which features some great harmonizing from this one-man band.

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