Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Song of the Day: Funkadelic - One Nation Under a Groove

Let's start off Black History Month with one of the best black bands that ever was - Funkadelic. I'm partial to George Clinton's rock-oriented Funkadelic over the more R&B sound of Parliament, but if you're putting together a playlist for a party, you definitely want to have a little of both.

This song, from the 1977 album of the same name, engenders more of a disco feel than anything else, and while this could potentially be for the worst, in Funkadelic's hands it's a complete jam. It's also quite a headphone song - the bassline, the handclaps, the guitars coming at you in stereo - they sound unreal on good headphones. If you're a vinyl junkie, I highly recommend finding the 12" single, featuring about a 12-minute version of the song. It's the whole funk (and nothing but the funk).

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