Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Song of the Day: Mad Season - Long Gone Day

Day 3 of Mark Lanegan week finds us at one of many Lanegan side projects. In fact, he was basically a sideman in the "supergroup" Mad Season, singing lead on "Long Gone Day" and sharing lead with Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) on another. The band also included Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) on guitar, Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) on drums and some guy whose name I'm too lazy to look up on bass. No offense to that guy, but he's the reason "supergroup" is in quotes.

Unfortunately this group was a supergroup of heroin and ex-users, which may be why they only released one album, which was of varying quality. When it works, as it does on this song, it's fantastic, but when it doesn't, it's merely boring. That said, it's still a pretty underrated album, and if you like any of the group members' primary bands, you'd probably at least dig a few of these songs. But Lanegan's involvement in this one, combined with his Trees' mate Martin on percussion and a Layne on the chorus and second verse, puts "Long Gone Day" at the top of the heap.

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