Monday, February 7, 2011

Song of the Day: Screaming Trees - Ivy

I'm kicking off Mark Lanegan week with one of my favorite bands, Screaming Trees. Like a lot of people my age, my first exposure to the band was their contribution to the Singles soundtrack. This led to a purchase of Sweet Oblivion, which begat an appreciation of their entire catalog. While their SST catalog can be hit or miss, Invisible Lantern is the most consistent of the bunch, and it features one of my favorite Trees' songs, "Ivy."

In fact, my friend and I got a chance to see the band at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill when they were promoting Dust, their final album. The band started late, as the Seattle Supersonics (RIP) were playing in the NBA Finals and they were watching it backstage. They came out and Lanegan looked pissed - it wasn't until later that I realized he always looks pissed - but they tore through the set. We were at the front of the stage and yelling for them to play "Ivy." They finally played it, and when it was over, Lanegan threw down the mic stand and walked off, and the bassist threw his pick into the crowd and I caught it. One of my favorite concert memories by far.

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