Friday, March 18, 2011

Song of the Day: Portugal. The Man - People Say

When I first heard Portugal. The Man's The Satanic Satanist, the songs sounded instantly familiar. Listening to the first track, today's song of the day, I'm wracking my brain to figure out who they sound like - but maybe it's not just one particular band, which is why I can't quite name it.

When I become obsessed with an album, my first order of business is to locate a vinyl copy. In this case, most of PTM's LPs are out of print, and The Satanic Satanist in particular was going for about 60 bucks on eBay (on a very cool colored vinyl, I should point out). So I was pretty happy to see a number of their albums back in print at Amoeba last week, even though it makes me a hypocrite - when I own an original, I hate reissues. Oh well - I've been called worse.

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