Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Song of the Day: Archers of Loaf - Wrong

Archers of Loaf are one of my favorite '90s bands, and hearing their songs instantly takes me back to my college days.  They were a Chapel Hill band, and I was at UNC around the time they were at their peak.  Not only that, I interned for their management company for about a year - licking envelopes, keeping up the mailing list, that kind of stuff.  I wish I had better stories from that experience, but I never got to meet the band or have crazy adventures.  But the guys I worked for were cool, I got a bunch of free CDs (unfortunately I wasn't into vinyl at the time - I bet I missed out on some good schwag) and I got to see the band a few times. 

It's really difficult to pick a favorite song, so I'll go with the first Archers song I heard - "Wrong."  This song has everything that makes the band great - Sonic Youth-like guitars and feedback, great melody and Eric Bachmann's singular voice. 

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