Thursday, December 16, 2010

Song of the Day: Hobex - Rollin'

Hobex was an offshoot of Dillon Fence, a band my friends and I revered in our high school and early college days. We were pretty disappointed during our junior year to find they had broken up, and perhaps even more so to find that the lead singer, Greg Humphreys, had decide to form a funk/R&B trio.

Things changed, however, when we heard the Payback EP, their first release.  Gone was the Connells-like pop of Dillon Fence, replaced by funk bass and Greg breaking out his soul voice.  After starting as a trio, they later gained a horn section and background singers, then dropped back to a trio.  Greg's releasing solo albums now, though Hobex always seems to be playing around NC.

In fact, the most recent time I saw them, they were playing my wedding.  I was responsible for only one thing during our wedding planning, and it was the music.  I emailed the band, not knowing if they would play a wedding, but I was extremely psyched when we got the contract signed.  The band was fantastic and were really nice guys, and we got a lot of compliments about the music from a wide spectrum of guests.  Hobex, and Dillon Fence for that matter, were a band that should have been bigger.  But hopefully we'll always have them in NC.

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  1. Thanks for posting this song, which I was specifically looking for! Never shld have sold my CD collection...

    Definitely agree w/the sentiments in your last two sentences, and am not surprised to hear that Humphreys & Co. are nice guys, not too proud to play a wedding. It comes through in the music.