Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Song of the Day: The Veldt - High

The Veldt were a great '90s rock band out of Chapel Hill, but their sound is a little more Britpop than other American "indie" acts of that time.  Making them even more outside the mainstream - the group members were mostly black (and as I noted in my Fishbone post, it sadly seems that black rock n' rollers are becoming few and far between). 

Their self-released Universe Boat LP was played to no end on my dorm-room stereo, and I got the chance to see them tour for this record at the Cat's Cradle.  On this track, the singer breaks out some falsetto and some great "woohoos."  I'd highly recommend buying this album, but it's probably long out of print - another band that should have made it big.  Luckily, you can listen to the entire album on Grooveshark - click here.

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