Friday, December 17, 2010

Song of the Day: Whiskeytown - Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel

I'll end NC week with one of my favorites - Whiskeytown.  While I have plenty more NC bands for a future installment, I can never feature enough Ryan Adams songs on my blog.

Picking a Whiskeytown song is next to impossible - do I go with something more on the Country side of the spectrum, or more Rock?  Or do I go straight to the Pop stuff?  I'm tempted to go Rock, as the more Rock-oriented songs are what got me into Whiskeytown in the first place.  However, this song, from their debut LP Faithless Street, epitomizes what the band is about - namely, the vocal interplay between Ryan and Caitlin Cary.  Her harmonizing completely makes this song, and I would give anything to hear them on stage together.  Curses to me for missing it the first time around.

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