Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Song of the Day: Cass McCombs - Prima Donna

I figured Cass McCombs was a woman.  Maybe I was thinking of Mama Cass, but for some reason, when I first heard his Catacombs album, I was surprised to find that Cass was a dude.

This was an album that I had seen mentioned in a few blogs, but I didn't get the chance to listen to it until I started using Lala regularly.  I tend to keep my queue on Lala pretty full - it was up to about 600 songs but now sits at 238 - and I have it play on shuffle.  Every couple of days I'd hear a song that I really liked, and when I went to see who/what it was, it was something off of Catacombs.

Now that I own the album, I find myself continually playing the first side, mainly to hear Prima Donna (and in spite of the fact that the album is solid from front to back).  What do I like about it?  The repetition, which may bother some, completely sells the song for me.  I love how he sings along, sometimes drawing out the words to fit the melody, sometimes throwing out extra syllables.

I'm now totally an addict, having bought two other McCombs' records (though I'm still absorbing those) and really hoping he comes to LA sometime in the near future.

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