Friday, February 26, 2010

Song of the Day: The Human League - Don't You Want Me

Like any child of the '80s, I loved this song as a kid.  Then in high school I discovered "indie" (college rock?) music and disassociated myself with many of the one-hit-wonders, and in fact much of '80s music, of my adolescence.  Big mistake.

Neglecting an entire era or genre of music seems ridiculous to me now (unless you're getting into really specific genres, like post-chillwave hardcore indie or something that includes all of three bands), but there was a time when the '80s, to me, meant cheesy keyboards, big hair and bad music.  I'm still making amends and rediscovering a lot of stuff I liked as a kid but then disowned - Def Leppard, The Go-Go's, NKOTB (well...maybe not yet on that last one).

Which brings us to The Human League.  Cheesy keyboards?  Check.  Big hair?  Check.  Yet I was watching one of those VH1 countdown shows (probably 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders), and this song came on, and they were explaining the guy was singing from his point of view, but then the woman comes on and corrects him, and for some reason I decided this song is pure genius.  Sure, the woman is a pretty bad singer, but I actually really like the keyboards, and of course the chorus will get stuck in your head for days - not always a good thing, but for this song it works.  Prepare to hum this the rest of the day:

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