Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Song of the Day: Local Natives - Sun Hands

One of my friends came into work a few months ago telling me they saw this awesome band the night before called Local Natives. I checked out their MySpace page and the song that immediately struck me was "Sun Hands."

The reviews have been really positive for the album, which just came out in the US yesterday despite being available in the UK last year. A lot of people are comparing them to Fleet Foxes and Dodos, which are apt comparisons, although nothing can touch Fleet Foxes right now for me.

In December, I decided I liked this band so much that I'd buy two 45s from the Rough Trade UK store, since I couldn't find them in the local Amoeba. They finally showed up a couple weeks ago, and one of the songs was Sun Hands.

Why do I like it? the intro could definitely be something from Dodos' Visiter album, but that's not a bad thing. The harmonizing is really strong, and I particularly like the background singing (sounds like the lead singer still) during the "Sun Hands" lyric. And of course the song totally rocks out for the bridge.

Check it out:

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