Monday, February 22, 2010

Song of the Day: Sloan - C'mon C'mon (We're Gonna Get It Started)

Sloan is one of those bands that certainly should be more popular than they are.  Once I discovered Big Star, I tried to acquire as much "power-pop" as I could - Sloan, The Bigger Lovers, The Posies - and Sloan is far and above the most prolific and most consistent of any of the bands I found.  They also put on one of the most fun concerts I've ever seen - getting the crowd involved and just having a good time.

This is almost the antithesis of the last "song of the day," "Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison.  Like most Sloan songs, it's just pure Pop and catchy as hell.  It's one of my go-to songs to start a mix tape/CD (yet for some reason, they didn't start their album with it), and it seems like an appropriate song to kick off the week.

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