Thursday, May 27, 2010

Song of the Day: The Kingsbury Manx - How Cruel

The Kingsbury Manx is a Chapel Hill band that put out their first album 10 years ago and is still around today.  Their eponymous debut received a number of good reviews, but none more surprising than Britain's New Musical Express.  I was actually visiting London in 2000 when NME's year-end issue came out (I still have a copy somewhere), and it was beyond unfathomable that this album made the list of top 50 albums (at number 30, nonetheless).  Not that it didn't deserve it, but how an album from a Chapel Hill band, released on a tiny indie label, made its way over the pond is beyond me.

This song off the debut is still my favorite song by the band.  It always reminds me of Pink Floyd's Meddle - I think it's the slide guitar in particular that sounds a bit like "A Pillow of Winds."  Check it out.

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