Saturday, May 29, 2010

Songs of the Day: The dB's - Living a Lie/Bad Reputation

North Carolina week concludes with Winston Salem's The dB's, a band worthy of a Big Star-esque cult. Like Big Star, they only released a few albums, all of which have been out of print for a while. My first dB's CD was a German import called Neverland, and it was the first two albums (Stands for Decibels and Repercussion) on one CD (much like Big Star's #1 Record/Radio City).

Also like Big Star, the songs are catchy, but for some reason they took a while to grow on me.  Now I think these two albums are classics, and hopefully one day they'll get the attention they deserve.  I had an impossible time choosing a song to showcase, but since we're dealing with two seminal albums, and I want to end NC week with a bang, here are two of my favorite dB's songs.

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