Monday, August 30, 2010

Song of the Day: The Afghan Whigs - Summer's Kiss

According to my count, this is the 200th song featured on the blog (and there was much rejoicing).  This being the case, I thought I'd showcase a song from one of my all-time favorite bands, The Afghan Whigs.  I first came across them in high school with Gentlemen, and although I didn't quite "get" Greg Dulli's voice, the album really struck a nerve with me.  Despite being on Elektra, the album was very "alternative" - you couldn't imagine this getting played on the radio, outside of the local college stations.

The followup, Black Love, got some grief for what were perceived as faux-R&B stylings and the Prince-like usage of U and 2 in the lyric sheet (e.g. "I told u all"), but I find this criticism ridiculous.  The album is a slight notch below Gentlemen in my book, but it features one of my favorite songs, the very un-R&B "Summer's Kiss."  The drumming on this track is phenomenal, as are the always reliable slashing guitars.

One of my big music regrets is never getting a chance to see these guys in concert, though I did get to see Greg Dulli play a solo show with Mark Lanegan (one of my all-time favorites and subject of many future posts).  It was a trip to hear them tear through some Whigs' classics, and I'm hoping when I see Dulli again in November that he'll play even more of them.  If the band ever reforms for a nostalgic reunion, I'll be the first in line.

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