Friday, August 6, 2010

Song of the Day: Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?

Singles Going Steady is an essential album in my collection.  Although it's a compilation, it includes a lot of songs not available on other albums, making it that much more necessary.  I actually avoided Buzzcoks for a while, thinking that, based on their name, they were more punk than pop (and at the time, I was probably mistaking the term "punk" for "hardcore" - the fast, shouty stuff that I still don't care for much).  But anyone who likes The Jam or The Clash would probably enjoy Buzzcocks.

As I've mentioned with other songs in some previous posts, I actually came across this on Indie 103.1 when I first moved to LA, and I thought it was a contemporary song.  You could probably easily mistake this for early Green Day, and most of the songs on the album still sound fresh.  I suppose teenage angst always will.

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