Thursday, August 26, 2010

Song of the Day: The Go-Betweens - Spring Rain

My first exposure to The Go-Betweens was their 2000 reunion album The Friends of Rachel Worth.  I had heard about them as Australia's R.E.M., among other accolades, but I never had really given them a chance.  When Grant McLennan passed away in 2006, I kept hearing more praises and finally bought the aforementioned CD.  Usually reunion albums are for bands to cash in, but for a group that hadn't released an album in 12 years, this was one hell of a return (I should note the two singer/songwriters were the ones reforming, without other original members; but I should also note that members of Sleater-Kinney played on this record, which doesn't hurt things at all).

I have since procured almost all of their albums on vinyl, though a copy of Rachel Worth still eludes me.  I could recommend any number of tracks from that album, and while I'm generally on Team McLennan, my favorite song from the band may very well be this Robert Forster track off of 1986's Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express.

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