Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Song of the Day: Grizzly Bear - Knife

I was lucky enough to jump on the Grizzly Bear bandwagon early, which means I got to see them at the Troubadour in LA (capacity ~450) performing songs from their Yellow House album.  It was an amazing show, and the perfect venue - the crowd was reverential and silent, and you could hear the band harmonizing perfectly.  The highlight of the show, and still one of the best songs in their catalog, was the performance of "Knife."  The bassist Chris Taylor performed that strange backing vocal you hear at the beginning and throughout the song, and it looked like he was going to jump out of his skin, as though it physically pained him to hit those notes.  But it was perfect, and this song, as one of my other favorites "Two Weeks," are great showcases of how Grizzly Bear mixes "indie rock" and '60s pop influences. Simply one of the best bands working today.

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