Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Song of the Day: Television - Marquee Moon

Songs like this make me wish I could articulate my love of music in a more entertaining and awe-inspiring way, a la Lester Bangs or anyone with some degree of competence.  I've often toyed with the idea of just posting the song and foregoing the commentary, unless I have a story or anecdote that may be of interest to someone other than me.  Nothing that I can write is going to make you love a song before you even hear it - I just don't have that ability.  But it would be a pretty boring blog if I didn't at least make an attempt (admittedly, some days I barely do, particularly when I'm just trying to post something).  So with that in mind...

I haven't heard every piece of music ever recorded (though I'm trying), but Television's "Marquee Moon" has to be one of the greatest guitar songs of all time.  Though revered by critics and music junkies, it is woefully unknown to the casual listener.  Is it Tom Verlaine's voice that has kept it from reaching a bigger audience?  The 10-minute running time?

Do you like classic rock?  Though not as blues-heavy as Led Zep or the Stones, they wouldn't be out of place next to Pink Floyd on the radio.  How about Punk?  They used to play CBGB.  Jam bands?  Note the 10-minute running time.  Guitar solos?  How about two of them?  Have I asked too many questions?  Do you like movies about gladiators?

As I mentioned, it's impossible for me to express how awesome this song is.  I felt very cool upon hearing it played before an REM show (during their Monster tour) and knowing what it was - it was like holding a secret, albeit one that more people should know.  But I love the intro to the song, with each guitar coming out of a speaker and all the instruments joining the mix separately.  It happens again after one of the guitar solos - the guitar part that starts at the 8:42 mark is fascinating, and then the drums kick in, then the bass, the rhythm guitar out of one speaker, the lead out of the other.  

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