Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Song of the Day: Aretha Franklin - Day Dreaming

Although she's undoubtedly an icon, I wasn't familiar with Aretha Franklin's music outside of "Respect" and a few other singles.  But I'm always looking to check out new music, even when it's old music, particularly from artists in the rock and roll canon. 

Despite it not being among her undeniable best albums, I started with Young, Gifted & Black, which scanning the tracklist revealed no songs I recognized.  However, it didn't take many listens to figure out why Aretha is so revered - her voice is incredible, and the music is so much better than the manufactured "soul" music of today. If this isn't one of her best albums, then I guess I need more Aretha in my life.

The song that most stuck out in my mind is "Day Dreaming" - kind of a trippy intro, with background singers (or is it multi-tracked Aretha?) repeating the chorus, and a flute that makes its best appearance outside of Astral Weeks.

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