Thursday, July 8, 2010

Song of the Day: Liz Phair - Never Said

In "honor" of Liz Phair's new self-released album, Funstyle, I thought I'd highlight my favorite track of hers.  Though I haven't heard the new album, I feel like I can safely say none of its tracks will usurp my favorite song - early reviews are not positive, to be kind.

Like most young men in the early '90s who were into "indie" music, I had a huge crush on Liz Phair.  Upon the first few listens to Exile in Guyville, I didn't even realize how overtly sexual the lyrics were (I've noted I have a tendency not to pay too much attention sometimes).  I just thought it was a really good album, and though I'm not sure it bears much resemblance to Exile on Main St, I liked the idea that it was supposed to.

Although I really like Whip-Smart, the follow-up record, it's undeniable that her career has taken a downturn in the last fifteen (!) years - I don't know that I'll ever listen to the new album, unless I get the insatiable urge to hear her rap. 

But I'll always have Exile.  This song stands out to me not only for its lack of uncouth language, but it really sounds like someone who knew what they were doing.  Although she doesn't have the strongest voice, I love the way her three vocal tracks meld together during the "I...never said nothing" lyric, and it's probably the most straight-ahead rock and roll song (and most Stones-like) on the album.

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