Monday, April 26, 2010

Song of the Day: Belle & Sebastian - Funny Little Frog

Funny enough, early Belle & Sebastian has the same stigma as The Cure.  One of my favorite scenes in the movie High Fidelity is when Jack Black's character, Barry, comes in to the store, energized and wanting to play his mix tape, and gets denied by John Cusack's Rob.  Barry refers to what Rob and Dick were listening to as "sad bastard" music - a song, "Seymour Stein" by Belle & Sebastian, which is one of my favorites.  While I enjoy the "sad bastard"-ness of The Boy with the Arab Strap and If You're Feeling Sinister, it wasn't until The Life Pursuit that I became obsessed with the band.  In particular, songs like "Funny Little Frog" will make you wonder how they ever got pegged as sad bastards in the first place.  

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