Sunday, April 25, 2010

Song of the Day: The Cure - The Kiss

My initial impressions of The Cure mirrored how I felt about The Smiths - they were mopey, humorless and boring.  This prejudice was borne from hearing snippets of songs rather than taking the time to actually listen to them.  I borrowed Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me from a friend, and again, as with The Smiths, I realized from the first song that I was completely misinformed about The Cure.  "The Kiss" starts off with about 3 minutes of guitar, then Robert Smith goes on a vitriolic rant for the rest of the song.  While pop songs like "Friday I'm in Love" or "Love Song" are probably more effective means of exposing someone to The Cure (and I'll admit they're better songs), it was this different side of the band that made me a fan.

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