Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Song of the Day: Mike Watt (w/ Frank Black) - Chinese Firedrill

When Mike Watt's Ball-hog or Tugboat? was released, I hadn't heard Minutemen, but I did recognize most of the artists who contribute to this record.  It's an impressive list:  J Mascis (Dino Jr), Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Evan Dando (Lemonheads), members of the Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth, etc.

What I remember most about this album is that Mike Watt played at the Cat's Cradle one night while I was at UNC.  The opening band?  Foo Fighters.  Also there?  Eddie Vedder.  I have a list (in my head) of concerts that I should have gone to, and this one is near the top (the top concert I thought about going to but didn't and therefore I'm an idiot is Radiohead at the Cradle in 1995.)

I still really like this album and feel it's pretty underrated.  Even without all of the guest stars, most of these songs are great, including covers of Sonic Youth and Funkadelic.  But this song, featuring Frank Black (Pixies) on vocals, is one of my favorites.

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