Sunday, April 18, 2010

Song of the Day: Supergrass - Late in the Day

I was disappointed to hear last week that Supergrass had called it quits. I was first exposed to them through MTV (gasp!) while in college, and I still remember the video, and how after the intro, when things got rollicking, the guys were bouncing around on pogo sticks. Having become more familiar with their catalog, I now recognize that most of their songs would be appropriate for pogo jumping, but I still think the video is genius, and there first four albums are close to perfection. Links to the song and the video are below

The audio:

The video (embedding is disabled - lame):


  1. That video is awesome - never seen it before.

  2. Check out Pumping On Your Stereo if you haven't seen it - it's even better than this one